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"When working with hair, the possibilities are infinite -- it's art and it's taste. And you learn from the people you work with. The work that I do now involves what people know as tailoring, as well as hairdressing and aspects of math and the sciences, but the rest is about turning an artistic vision into something a woman can feel natural and confident wearing. Our work is always about making sure a client feels good and looks good. And when that is accomplished, we want her to learn how to manage her hair to meet the demands of her life."

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318 E. 84th St.
New York, NY 10028

Born in Sicily, Raffaele Mollica immigrated to New York City in 1956. After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and breaking into the New York City fashion scene, he was quickly elevated to the position of in-house wig-maker for Vidal Sassoon, Kenneth and then Elizabeth Arden. In 1975, he founded Raffaele Mollica, Inc., a small, family-oriented business dedicated to making hand-crafted custom wigs and hairpieces. With full creative control, he incorporated his signature design and philosophy into a vision that ensured each of his hand-crafted wigs would be as unique as the client it was intended for. Endowed with painstaking attention to detail and old-world craftsmanship, he revolutionized the industry by introducing a product that did what no other daily-use wig had ever before done -- mirror the natural appearance of a living head of hair.










With his charismatic personality and bold ideas about the transformative powers of a wig, his success was founded on the high-quality workmanship, superior comfort, and uncanny organic appearance of the product. Now known simply as a “Ralf,” his flagship hand-crafted wig has been celebrated in print in publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, and People Magazine, among others, and on television on both HBO and PBS (see our press section). Almost four decades since he opened his first shop on Manhattan’s iconic 57th Street, Raffaele Mollica’s intimate, couture approach to the art of wig-making has earned his work a highly discerning clientele that spans the globe.