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Raffaele Mollica working

"Everybody knows me as Ralph. How do people find out about Ralph's wigs? Plastic surgeons, oncologists, the Orthodox Jewish community and, of course, the hairdressing community"

By Appointment Only

318 E. 84th St.
New York, NY 10028

  “By all accounts, the best in the business.” A Visit With The Wigmaker To The Stars
    “One of NYC’s best-kept secrets is Raffaele Mollica’s custom wigs.” Hair News
    “The best wigmaker we know.”Heloise
    “All wigs are custom made out of natural virgin hair by Raffaele in his downstairs workshop where the artist and owner has a literal hand in every wig that leaves his shop.” Shopping For Wigs
    "High status ... Ralph devotees say it is well worth the wait. Mr. Mollica got his start making wigs for Vidal Sassoon ... [He] has adapted his mentor’s vision to wigs.” For Stylish Orthodox Women, Wigs That Aren’t Wiggy
    “Mollica is sought after because each of his wigs is virtually undistinguishable from a natural head of hair.”From Chemotherapy Patients to Carol Channing, No One’s Bigger in Wigs Than Ralph Mollica
    “Don’t reach for your telephone book; Ralph isn’t listed, and he’s not eager to give out his address because that waiting list is about as long as his small operation can handle. The long and short of it is that besides reading this article, there is only one other way in the world that you will ever hear about Ralph: by word of mouth.” In wig biz he’s the mane man
    Raffaele appeared in The Education of Dee Dee Ricks, an inspirational documentary about the fight against cancer that examines how one extraordinary woman coped with the rigors of treatment.
    Body and Soul