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"The way we make the wig artistically, we try to copy the philosophy of the original -- we try to do it the way nature intended. Wig-making combines tailoring -- fitting the cap to the head; weaving -- inserting the hair; and hairdressing -- cutting and styling it. If a trip to the beauty salon is like getting a physical, making a Ralph wig is like neurosurgery."

By Appointment Only

318 E. 84th St.
New York, NY 10028


Working in coordination with a client’s needs, Raffaele’s signature custom wig is entirely hand-crafted and designed to re-create the appearance of a living head of hair. Beginning with a feather-light foundation precisely measured to the contours of a client’s head, Raffaele guides you through every step of the process thereafter as you jointly determine the appropriate color, texture, and style needed for successful wearability. With universal handling in mind, wigs are then constructed using a strand-by-strand weaving technique that allows hair to flow in its natural direction, which greatly enhances the ability of a client to achieve her desired look. Made with premium fabrics and exclusive hair-blends, each of Raffaele’s creations is the result of meticulous attention to each and every detail.


Raffaele’s signature hand-crafted wig, pre-made and ready to wear after minor fitting and stylistic alterations. Made with the same care, premium materials, and attention to detail as Raffaele’s custom-made product, the ready-made line is the perfect solution for clients seeking quicker turnaround-time, or those with an undefined aesthetic need. Stock is limited.

Partials, Falls, and Hairpieces

Hair prosthetics of all shapes and sizes can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Synthetics and Synthetic blends

Ask about our line of wigs made from synthetic hair or synthetic hair blends.