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“If a wig is not able to look natural it doesn’t meet the mark. It must look and act like a natural head of hair, with no lingering questions – this is the most important thing a wig needs to be successful. To achieve this, the wig has to fit perfect. It has to be the color the client envisions. It has to have the right texture and length, and it has to be durable. And then it must have the universal workmanship that allows a hairdresser to express his or herself to the fullest. ”

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318 E. 84th St.
New York, NY 10028

“Ralph, as he is affectionately known by his many fans, is a man who wants to make a woman feel beautiful. This is his overriding goal; the rest is commentary. Combining the expertise of an old master with the artistic eye of a savvy designer, Ralph knows and loves both his craft and the people who are lucky enough to be his clients. He understands the many sensitive issues involved in the need for a wig; and he approaches his work with consummate professionalism, incisive intelligence, a deep sense of empathy, and a good dose of humor. The result is always a beautifully-styled, light, comfortable, natural-looking hairpiece that encourages a woman to feel like her best and strongest self. This combination of extraordinary humanity, design sense, and technical expertise sets Ralph head and shoulders above the others in his field.” – G.B.

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with alopecia. I live in Boston, but a friend in New York convinced me that if I truly wanted the best quality, most natural looking wig available, I had to see Ralf. So I did, and that decision changed my life. Ralf is passionate about his work and dedicated to achieving perfection in fit, comfort, and appearance. My first "hair" from Ralf was so beautifully natural that when I walked into my dermatologist's office she expressed her surprise and pleasure that my hair had grown back! Ralf does not just create wigs, he creates beauty, self-confidence, and happiness. Over the years I have visited Ralf many times, to have new wigs made and older wigs restyled. I have come to consider him a true friend, and value him for his honesty and compassion. He is a brilliant wigmaker and a good man, and I can't recommend him highly enough.
Anonymous -- Boston, MA

"Ralph Mollica's presence in my life has truly been a gift. I met Ralph as a teen, and attribute my confidence and self esteem as a young woman to Ralph's amazing persona and products. I have had Alopecia Universalis since I was three, and don't remember ever having hair. Despite never having this memory - I still mourned my inability to "fit" in naturally. Yet, with Ralph and his hairpieces, I found that I could. Ralph's pieces are works of art, and they are the closest thing to having hair. Ralph's products given me the confidence to live a normal life, without second guessing if others around me "knew". I am a woman who married a wonderful man, is raising a spirited child and enjoying a productive life - and I truly believe the root of my success is from Ralph.” – C. Shaw

"It was hard for me to accept that my beloved dark hair, the object of compliments all my life, was a thing of the past. Heredity, illness, you name it: fate was against it being a long lasting object of beauty. Then I heard of Raffaele Mollica, and decided to see for myself this "miracle man." Sure enough, after listening to me closely, he created models of hair every bit equal to my own--let's be honest, even better!! Thank you, Raffaele. How did you do it?" – L.

“You are a true caring genius.” – Helen Gurley Brown, former editor, Vogue

"You’ll never know how much my new hair has helped me. It is so prefect and has made me so content and confident everywhere I go and I never even think about it" – T.S.

"You are the sliver of hope I have been praying and searching for. My new hair has given me my life back. I feel 'normal' now. – S.S.

"The wig is an overwhelming success. When I am wearing it, it lends me a sense of continuous elegance to my appearance. It is such a classy item" -- YE

"My new hairpiece has made such a difference in my outlook and self-confidence. All these years I think I've been secretly praying for something special to occur to make me look more 'normal'. Well it has! You are the person to whom I owe much gratitude for your creativity, caring and good work - words are not adequate" – S.L. 

"My wig is a smashing success! My husband and my daughter (my toughest critic) are very enthused about my new look. It is unbelievably comfortable. Thank you for all of the tender loving care you gave me. You boasted my morale higher than it has been in a long time" – J.J. 

"I was very worried that having to wear a wig would impair my ability to confidently conduct my daily affairs - you have completely removed that concern with your artistry. This is all I could ever have hoped or dreamed - for this, the easing of such a burden for so many months, I will forever be grateful to you, not only for your magnificent work, but your patience, compassion and humanity as well." – J.Z.

"Thank you is certainly not adequate to express my gratitude to you for the work that you do.  This wig has given me back my sense of femininity which had been gone for so long. Although Alopecia is not life threatening, it certainly robbed me of self-esteem, but you’ve restored it. I shall never forget the feeling I had as I watched you cut the wig and saw myself in your mirror, and it was at that point that I realized the effect that the my hair loss had upon me and that I had been pushing it away for so long.  The tears were a tremendous relief and release. 
For your kindness, your concern, your caring and understanding of what your "patients" experience with their hair loss. I will be forever grateful." –A.P.

"Thank you for making the most beautiful hairpiece ever seen. As always, I am impressed by how much of an artist you are, it is only matched by your care and compassion, which makes the hairpiece a blessing” – N.B.

"Contrary to my fears - I want you to know that the wig is reacting extremely well to my handling of it, thanks to your very careful and caring, and considerate  instructions on how to take care of it. Your magnificent creation has truly changed my life for the better. There aren't words enough to express my humble gratitude to you to what you have done for me" – D.Z.

"Just a note to to tell you how much I am enjoying my new wig.
 Even after several hints, my daughter didn't know I was wearing it!" – A.K.